Monday, April 27, 2015

Thank you ABC4, Jeff Kurr and Peter Scott!


Watch this shit.

And this is the reaction it has provoked.
Everybody knows that GWS diving in Stewart Island is a tinderbox - but trust the Kings of Shark Porn to continue with their provocations, and the usual hypocritical operator to enable them. And the best part - the stupid NZ authorities continue to welcome them back!

And lemme repeat myself.
  • Are we gonna continue pretending this aint happening?
  • Are we gonna continue watching that shit?
  • Are we the operators gonna continue enabling it?
  • Are we gonna continue giving our business to operators that do?
  • Are we gonna continue associating with those people?
PS - Martin here!


Shark Diver said...

Totally agree with you. I think it's important that we as responsible operators distance ourselves from these kinds of "documentaries".

Unknown said...

The poor sharks are going to suffer as there will be an accident with these fools. Shame on the channels that show this rubbish.

Mozart Enjoyed Cheese said...

Just look at that picture. If you actually get close enough you'll hear something that sounds suspiciously like Rice Crispies Cereal.

Those are neurons misfiring.

Rumor has it the entire team has "blamed the operators" attempting to slither away to shoot crap another day.

Meanwhile a small vessel was hit by a white shark last week in the same area.

DaShark said...

And the neurons continue to misfire.

See here.
Scott just doesn't get it - once those scumbags have edited and proudly showcased their shit to an audience of millions, it totally matters not what really happened.
The only way to avoid that kind of negative propaganda for the industry, NZ and its sharks is to finally show some integrity and keep them out.

But of course, what happens instead is this - same media whores, same enablers, same rubbish!

Mozart Enjoyed Cheese said...


Cannot wait to see what they come up with THIS time. I mean last season was all about a 33 meter white shark that "lived in an underwater cave, nibbling on whale bones."

You just cannot get quality shark programming like that these days.

ABC4 and Jeff Kurr are modern day shark programming heroes.

Their completely formulaic show style using the same faces over, and over, and over with catchy titles like "Air Jaws 7" is the kind of edgy smart shark programming the world needs and audiences crave.

Kudos to them!

It is little wonder the people of Stewart Island gave them a parade and opened up the local tavern for free drinks to the entire crew.

We live in a Time of Titans, it's humbling, you know?