Saturday, April 18, 2015

Shark Rescue in the Bahamas!



This is cute - story here.
Dunno about the asking - but the Shark's docility and the obvious cooperation are certainly remarkable.

If only the man would finally walk all that breathy talk.
If only he stopped enabling all that Shark porn with his pal ABC4 and those horrible people at Gurney Productions. One would think that at our age, money would become less important and integrity, more?

But it is cute, so well done!


Andy Brandy Casagrande has an actual "IV" after his name said...

OK, WHOA there Pardener.

I just watched the Cove shark propaganda piece. It's literally "jumping out of its skin" to push the unlikely notion that Cove is some sort of shark conservationist.

Let's have a look over his IMDB page and see what kind of conservationist the man is:

Shark Attack Survival Guide

Ocean of Fear: Worst Shark Attack Ever

Surviving Sharks

And that's just the short list. It seems Stewart Cove has never seen a shark hit piece he didn't want to become involved with for reasons (money) that are (money) completely (money) his own (money).

The fact he gleefully kow-tows to the likes of low rent camera hack ABC2.4 is a side bar to his years of very bad decisions (money) towards sharks (money) and what they (money) can do for him (money).

Yes, it was nice they freed a shark.

Wrapping that singular event in a re-branding effort was poorly timed and poor use of good shark footage.


DaShark said...


And who am I to disagree!