Thursday, April 30, 2015

Marine Dynamics awarded!

And I cite
Marine Dynamics provide very high quality shark cage diving experiences.
They operate in a sector where there is rightly a lot of criticism of current practice. Marine Dynamics are industry leaders, a commercial operation which operates to the highest conservation standards, where every trip has a marine biologist aboard to provide interpretation and collect data for scientific research. An operator that makes a significant contribution to conservation and the local economy.
Of course we knew that already.
Marine Dynamics is a proud member of Global Shark Diving, and those are precisely the principles that guide all of the GSD Shark diving operators.

Huge Congratulations!


Jim Abernethy said...

Yes we all new that as well! I've known how great they are since my first of many trips with them will over a decade ago! Extremely well deserved award! Congratulations from just one of your many followers!

Jim Abernethy said...

Congratulations Marine Dynamics! I was fortunate enough to dive with them over a decade ago! They are most certainly a leader in shark ecotourism and conservation back then, as well as now! So glad to have them with us! Well deserved award!

Marine Dynamics said...

Baie dankie Jim! Come for a visit again soon, ney?