Friday, April 10, 2015

Survivor - Healing in Bull Sharks!

Click for detail!

Check out the little dude at the top!

We provisionally called him Backbite.
He was in real bad shape, the wound was very deep all the way to the backbone, and he appeared to be in great discomfort. I was intimately convinced that we would never see him again - but lo and behold, here he is again, in great shape and super-feisty to boot!
Incidentally, this is the very first time we've renamed a Shark - but I'm sure you will agree that he amply deserves the new moniker!

Welcome aboard young man! 


Patric Douglas said...

These animals never cease to amaze when it comes to their healing prowess.

I thought the same thing when a white shark named Lucy first appeared with a ruined tail at 'Lupe many years ago.

She's still kicking. Martin has recent images and video.

Greg Probst has a Flicker page on her - that's one lucky gal:

Shark Diver said...

It never ceases to amaze me, how fast and well these sharks heal. We have a shark "Bite Face" that has earned his name many times over, but survivor would also be an apt name for him, as he's still around.

We have many others that would fit the survivor name as well. Sharks are amazing!