Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tiger Beach - Troglodyte Shark Diving!



And this is why I despise those folks.
No, no need to elaborate.


Purveyor of Milque Toast said...

I am angry too, they cribbed "Martinez's Act."

Shark "between the legs" is so 2010.

If yer not man enough to stand a Tiger on it's nose whilst simultaneously "juggling two reefs and a lemon" you ain't no kind of shark cameraman/animal act.

Seriously Joe, take some lessons from ABC$, there's a guy who knows how to shit on a shark, your half hearted efforts with Emma are Milque Toast at best!

Chain wrap a tiger, THAT's what all the cool kids are doing these days.

Also BW is done, 4K/6K color is in.

DaShark said...

Methinks the juggler may be Canabal not Joe - but who cares, really, it's all one of the same.

In case you didn't understand, this is actually a Conservation Movie = it's all been done for the Sharks in order to change perceptions by proving that Sharks are not the mindless killing machines they're made out to be!

The hypocrisy of it all just beggars belief.

Purveyor of Milque Toast said...

THAT was a conservation piece?

Ohhh, of course it was.

Taking a cue from some of the great Sea Shepherd media hits of the past 5 years. Adding a dash of the Moldy Duckwing Crowd, (pizza box tops and lipstick makes catchy signage) and filming the whole thing in B/W for "vertitas."

Voila - Sed nemo potuit tangere: merda fuit!

Thanks, for a second there I had thought this was nothing more than some Florida hack pretending to be an ABC4 cameraman hack, pretending to be a baseball cap challenged animal stunt act hack, pretending to give a shit about sharks!