Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Sea Shepherd vs Pirate Fishermen!

Mark this day in your calender!

I'm gonna say something positive about the SSCS!
Ever since he did expose the PIPA sham, I got a lot of respect for journalist Christopher Pala - and contrary to my deep skepticism whenever the SSCS post one of their breathy statements, I'm consequently inclined to believe what he is reporting here.

I must say that I'm impressed.
This is a job well done, and kudos to Sea Shepherd for having doggedly persevered.

(And before you ask - yes it did hurt. But what is fair is fair)

PS - Martin adding insult to injury here!


Ian Campbell said...

I think you need to revise your firewall security on the site.

Your account seems to have been hacked!

DaShark said...

Yeah yeah rub it in!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately , a lot of the info in the Slate article was obtained either directly or indirectly from Sea Shepherd .....I tend to trust sources that have not been influenced by Watson ....



Shark Diver said...

You are an inspiration to all of us who try to write a blog.

Putting the sharks first and giving credit where credit is due, is what I like about you. You keep an open mind and are not afraid to change it.

Now go back to ripping someone, before we all think you've gone soft on us! :-)

DaShark said...

Flattery will get you nowhere young man!