Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Global Shark Diving - the Ambassadors!


This is one of the outcomes of last month's Royalty meeting.
Valerie, Michele and Howard have graciously agreed to join Douglas as GSD Ambassadors. You can read their bios right here - and yes Valerie's is rather long but without in any way wanting to detract from the achievements and obviously, huge respect for the others, Valerie is truly in a class of her own and also looks back to a very, very long and extremely rich career as both daredevil, pioneer, photo journalist, artist but above all, marine conservationist.

We all are of course stoked - and humbled.
Welcome aboard!

And because we love them so much.
Here they are again together with Emily Seifert, the indefatigable Jayne, Ozzie Sam and a whole gaggle of BAD  boyz 'n gals - click for detail!

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Unknown said...

It was both an honour and pleasure to be diving with such a incredible people and such a professional dive company. Definately the best shark dive and company in the world.