Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Hawaii 1 - WESPAC 0!


I was wrong - again!

But this is a good thing!
Contrary to my rather pessimistic (and here) predictions, NOAA has finally made a decision and resolved to not overturn the ground-breaking Shark Fin ban Stefanie and Senator Hee introduced to Hawaii in 2010. Talk about a huge slap in the face of Kitty Simonds and her nasty gang at WESPAC, and this right at the epicenter of her fiefdom of evil!

Here is the letter confirming the decision by NOAA.
Interestingly, it also shows the limitations of those bans insofar as Hawaii remains an active Shark fishing hub. I assume that dispose of is a euphemism for throw away, meaning that like in California and probably elsewhere, people can legally eat those Sharks but not consume their fins which remains, to say it mildly, puzzling.

Be it as it may, this is great news.
More details by Angelo here.

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