Saturday, August 10, 2013

So THIS is Shark Conservation!

And I cite.
I was swimming through a pool of my own blood...
He (= the Shark) was tearing the hamstring out of my leg, and tearing my hand off...
Watch this.

Oh yes this would be once again Gurney Productions.
They are Discovery's el cheapo go-to house for Shark porn, and once again regale us with the usual diarrhea of Shark attacks, teeth, blood and gore, all the way to a re-enactment of those tired old idiotic experiments, or whatever. Yes, now we finally have PROOF that Sharks are now so desperate that they will eat people - and watermelons, because they look like fucking sea turtles! Sez this clown! 
Special mention: the sped-up close-up of one of those poor harmless Bimini Hammers, and the Mako Shark slo-mo - and where have I seen that one before?
And huge props for introducing mammal meat to a popular Shark diving site - great idea!

And ABC4 is their el cheapo go-to shooter for that shit!
THIS is what he really means when he assures us, so eloquently, that he loves Sharks. PERIOD and that he makes an honest effort to avoid films that involve shark attacks and negative portrayals of sharks - see the citation at the top! And his assertion that he's ultimately only the hired cameraman, with no control over the editing? Bollocks! Having worked with Gurney many times and even produced that Fiji shit,  he went into it eyes wide open -  pecunia non olet all over again!
Like I said - so far so bad!

It's all so fucking pathetic.
Under the executive direction of Andersen who would give an arm and a leg, or for the matter, any body part for being featured on national media, the Shark Angels have become the repository of all those hypocritical Shark media whores, starting from the great pornographer all the way down to all those desperate self promoting wannabees. No wonder they endorse Shark Week - they all desperately want to be in it and will certainly never bite the hand that could once propel them to perceived fame and riches!

And the others?
I'm frankly totally baffled.
Not the shameless self promoters. Not the Sea Shepherd drones. Not the media whores. Not the Shark pageant kids. Not the chicks with the moldy duck wings.
Those who really want to make a difference, who invest hours upon hours of their free time trying to educate the public or running campaigns, those who want to get the job done and don't appreciate and are frankly embarrassed by those relentless pathetic shenanigans by the narcissistic leadership and its cronies.
WTF are you still doing there - you are being tainted by association!

You know who you are.!

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