Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hammerhead Pups?

Oh for crying out loud.

What a load of crap.
Those are of course Remoras, Likely Sharksuckers, Echeneis naucrates - which in itself is interesting as I don't recall having  seen a Remora on a Scalloped Hammer, ever!
And anyway - that Shark got claspers!
You can read the whole nonsensical story here.

And here's the video.
Shark fishing off a swimming beach - great idea!
Hammers are protected in Florida, and this is not catch-and-release but instead, it is an appalling case of harassment, likely for taking the usual fucking pictures, that has likely resulted in the Shark's disorientation and ultimate death - so this should be ample evidence for taking those morons to task.


jsd said...

Yup - don't you just love your fellow human being?

Tropical Selkie said...

*sigh* IDIOTS.

The Sharkman said...

What do you expect from Mickey Mouse country. :(

DaShark said...

Hmmm Alex...

It couldn't be happening in the Med because they've already managed to kill them all.... right...?

At least in Florida there are some Sharks left!