Monday, August 26, 2013

Adopt a Bull Shark - new Kid on the Block!

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This is what we've been hoping for!
This dude has turned up for the first time today - and when it comes to naming, he's really a dream come true: he's one of the rarer males, he's young, the identifying feature is unequivocal and permanent, and he's as feisty as they come and already buzzing Rusi whilst ogling the Tuna heads, meaning that it's all but certain that he'll become a feeder and thus a regular!

And he's up for adoption!
Adoptions as of late have been slow, so we're jazzing up the more expensive packages as follows:
  • $ 1,000 Name Your Own Bull Shark: you now get all those perks, plus 3 days of diving with BAD!

  • $ 2,500 Meet YOUR Bull Shark: we're now throwing in not one day, but one full week of diving!

  • $ 5,000 A Week Of Diving in Fiji is now for two persons!
Cool? :)

Ergo: name him and collect your prize!
With 140+ named individuals, it gets increasingly difficult to remember personal names. Thus, we try and incorporate the distinguishing feature into the name, as in Bum because she has a curled anal fin; Long John because he has a cut tail and Long John Silver had a missing leg; Pecker because he has a creased right-hand pectoral fin (gotcha!); Miss America because the tip of her tail is missing and she was named on the 4th of July; Bevis, a Grey Reef, because he's a teenage delinquent - you get the gist.
Just a suggestion, not an obligation!

First come first served!

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