Friday, August 16, 2013

Juvenile Bulls in the Everglades!

A juvenile Bull from one of Fiji's rivers, with a Scalloped Hammer pup in the background - click for detail.

Another nice one from the Heithaus Labs!

This is gonna be one of next year's volunteer projects.
Initially, we'll be investigating their usage of the riverine nurseries and later on, when and how they transition to the reef environment.
Interested? You know what to do!

The paper is here.
And here's the video that thankfully needs no further interpreting.



Shark-Girl said...

I had the opportunity to assist with this project as well as film. The little bulls are amazing!

DaShark said...


And soon, u will be able to do the same here - on top of filming the big mamas!
Soooo... :)

BTW I trust that you know that your moniker is already being plagiarized by at least one copycat in Florida and one in Australia?
How pathetic is that!