Friday, August 02, 2013

Adopt a (Fiji) Bull Shark - now live!


This has been a lot of work.
So first and foremost, thanks (I think) to the indefatigable Samantha for setting impossible time lines and whipping everybody into frenzied action, and big kudos to Jennah Caster and Natalie Torkelson for having pulled it off - ahead of time!
And yes, big thanks to the various other donors!

You can find all the details here.
In essence, this is a two-month funding drive for the Sharks Count citizen science project by Shark Savers, and for the Great Fiji Shark Count where BAD and Shark Savers (and especially Sam) play a prominent role. These are important conservation and research initiatives, and the funds will contribute to maintaining them for many years to come, with zero money spent on fluff and needless bureaucracy.

Please go and check out the Indiegogo page.
Every donation helps - really!

On a personal note.
It is really nice to see some of our Bull Sharks featured in this way. It may be nothing but anthropomorphizing fluff - but over the years, we have developed a special affection and we believe, a special understanding for the quirks of some of our unique characters of rogues, and the plan is to release the descriptions of the Sharks that are up for adoption over the course of the next few weeks. Incidentally, these are not just any Bull Sharks, they are Fiji Bull Sharks - bigger, more badass and way cooler than those puny Sardines in the Caribbean!
We actually like this so much that we may be tempted to then extend and expand this initiative after the completion of this drive, hopefully again with Shark Savers, and continue to use any funds for promoting good Shark research and conservation including the GFSC - but this will frankly depend on everybody's personal work loads and at this stage, it is more of a vague plan rather than a certainty.

So please give now, generously.
And enjoy the perks whilst knowing that you're doing something meaningful!

And one last remark.
Whilst Shark Savers may want to celebrate Shark Week, we expressly do not. 
We will never promote that shit as long as the network continues to contract Gurney and ABC4 for their Shark porn, deceive its audience and celebrate the strangling of Lynxes and the shooting of Bears. It is  everything we despise, and we shall not have any part in it, directly or indirectly!
Just wanted to make that crystal clear.

But I'm digressing as always.
Great initiative, and fingers crossed that it will be highly successful!

That of course will depend entirely on you!


Tropical Selkie said...

thank you, thank you, thank you; to you and everyone at BAD. and, of course to all the partners and my amazing staff of 2 -- Jennah and Natalie! It was a ball-busting marathon of bull shark info but lots of fun too! We had 8 people from 3 different countries (England, Fiji, U.S.) and Hawaii all working on this...what an international joy. nothing left to do now but ADOPT A BULL SHARK! :-)

Anonymous said...

Exacttly what is this "adopt a shark" programme ?

You want money ? ok.

It goes to doing what ?

DaShark said...

As per the post, this is a funding drive for Shark Savers.

They will then earmark 10% for continuing to support the Great Fiji Shark Count.

Money for BAD: zero.