Friday, August 16, 2013

RickMac - Interviews!

Unsung hero no more!

Rick is Scuba Diving Magazine's August 2013 Oris Sea Hero.
I'm tempted to say, too little too late, the more as he so valiantly continues to toe the CORAL party line - but then again, this is likely an older interview. Plus, CORAL or no CORAL, these are truly the principles by which the man operates.
For reef conservation to endure, it must be locally owned. 
My proudest achievement at CORAL has been building a global team of talented, passionate and effective local conservation leaders in every country in which CORAL works. These are individuals who are part of their community, and who care deeply about the sustainability of their ecological and cultural heritage. 
I am inspired and energized daily by what they contribute to our mission.
And here is one more interview - about trolls and science!

Bravo and thank you.
Wherever you are and whatever you do - enjoy, you have earned it a thousand times over!

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