Monday, August 12, 2013

Is Fiji's Shark Fishing Industry sustainable?

Read this.

I fully agree.
Most of the 130mt of Shark fins exported from Fiji originate from the foreign distant water fleets that call into Fiji to offload their Tuna, with the bulk having been caught outside of Fiji under highly suspect circumstances (and e.g. here). This is thus not primarily (but also!) an issue concerning Fiji's domestic long lining fleet that is comparatively small. 
It however very much concerns Fiji's Shark fin trade.

And what about the coastal Sharks?
Coastal Shark fishing is rampant, targeted, indiscriminate and on the increase - and it is largely unregulated and certainly neither monitored not enforced. I can say this because having conducted a lengthy investigation, we have the data to prove it. Those data are presently being analyzed and interpreted, and will then be handed to the authorities for the formulation of adequate Shark protection and management measures.

So kudos to Coral and Pew for having made this point!
To be continued!

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