Wednesday, August 07, 2013

A few Facts about Bull Sharks!

My very favorite pic by Marty, and one of my very favorite portraits of a Bull Shark, ever - click for detail!

Nice one!

Shark Savers have posted the following.
The links are mine.
A few FACTS to know about bull sharks:
  1.  "...the idea that bull sharks are super juiced-up [with testosterone] compared to other animals just isn’t true." Read more  here.
  2. Diving with large sharks is very popular with divers and as responsible eco-tourism is good for local economies and conservation, making sharks worth more alive than dead. Read more here
  3. In Fiji, where bull sharks are LARGER, many individual sharks are known, named and studied; and YOU can adopt or name one to support shark conservation, globally. Read more here.
Could not agree more!

BUT - and yes there had to be a but... :)
Shark Savers' ecotourism page needs some re-vamping as it is suspiciously similar to that horrible tourism paper - or better, the tourism paper is suspiciously reminiscent of the Shark Savers page which pre-dates it!
As per my linked post, there needs to be mention of Fiji with its peer-reviewed USD 42.2 million, whereas somebody needs to read the Canary Islands paper and make a decision about whether it is even worth mentioning - incidentally, much like the estimate from the Bahamas that is not based on a scientific paper but on a report by a marketing group!
And then, there's the very thorny issue of assigning specific values to individual tourism Sharks - latest since Catlin et al, these numbers are highly suspect and should really not be used when advocating conservation.

Just saying.
The scientific cavalry is coming - and you don't wanna get caught in the crossfire!

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