Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Shark Bible - get it!

And talking of Shark ID.

If you are interested in Sharks, you must get this.
Authored by the brilliant illustrator Marc Dando, by David Ebert, and by the indefatigable Sarah Fowler of inter alia the Shark Trust and the IUCN whose praise I could not possibly sing highly enough, it will be the most authoritative book on the different Shark species for many years to come - this obviously with the caveat that several taxa are under revision and that you must continue to keep abreast of the latest science about the topic.
The pre-publication offer for this book is now open, with special incentives for the first 500 orders received (free postage world-wide and a limited edition shark print of one of the original plates signed by the illustrator). 

Peep inside it here and order online. 
For those of you who know the 2005 Collins Field Guide to Sharks of the World (now out of print from Collins, but still available from Princeton Press): this book is completely new.
It is larger format, with 528 pages and nearly 60 new species illustrated, more detailed, and features photographs as well as Marc Dando’s stunning illustrations. You may think that it’s worth waiting for this book to be discounted on Amazon. Well, it is already discounted, and this offer is as good as it gets! 

Title: Sharks of the World - a fully illustrated guide 
Authors: David A. Ebert and Sarah Fowler
Illustrator: Marc Dando
Publication date: Summer 2013
ISBN: 978-0-9573946-0-5 
Amazon has a cheaper offer, however sans signed illustration.


jsd said...

I asked Marc about the obscurus/galapagensis obscurity and he said............Yes.

Tropical Selkie said...

Marc Dando's work is INCREDIBLE. Additionally, he has been kind and generous with the SharksCount Program -- "Citizen Science for Sharks", in donating his detailed scientific illustrations for our Shark ID sheets for divers, donating his work to the program to help divers identify sharks all over the world. He's donated his shark illustrations (while preparing this AWESOME book at the same time) for species from Florida to New England to the Galapagos, and as far as Bali. The program is buying his book and recommends it to all our divers as the absolute 'Shark Bible'!

Nikki Lamothe said...

Quite a good deal for those in the US, since this title is not currently available on, except via the .uk...where shipping will be a nightmare!