Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Caledonia - Shark Sanctuary!

 Mating Whitetips - now protected in New Caledonia! Source.

Great News!

New Caledonia has declared its EEZ a Shark Sanctuary.
This article explains that any fishing, possession, commercialization etc of Sharks and their parts is now forbidden within national waters - whilst fishing for Sharks in the lagoon where there is a small food fishery for Mako Sharks remains legal for as long as the concerned provinces do not prohibit it.

And Fiji?
Nada de nada de nada, still pondering, or whatever, a NPoA Sharks that will likely fail due to inadequate resources for its implementation. Having long missed the chance to be the first Shark Sanctuary in the SoPac, it has now missed the chance of being the forerunner in Melanesia.
And in the meantime, our valuable Sharks are being fished away.

Enough said.

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