Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mike - legendary!

Mike, son Riley and a gaggle of BAD boyz  - click for detail!

Do you know what a Ten Quid Pom is?

Neither did I - til I finally met Mike Ball.
He is one, which makes him  legendary by definition - but on top of that, he's one of the original pioneers of Australia's dive-, and more specifically Shark diving tourism. His Spoilsport will take you to the equally legendary Cod Hole at Ribbon 10 and then straight out into the Coral Sea with its unparalleled Osprey, Bougainville and Holmes Reefs that still showcase some of the country's most pristine Reef Shark populations - plus the more than occasional Tiger and various pelagics!
Stellar stuff, not to be missed!

What a pleasure it has been!
He quickly popped by for a quick visit, and has managed to totally charm the whole staff, and yours truly, with his totally unassuming, friendly and above all, infectiously enthusiastic demeanor - and the latter after having seen it all during 40+ often difficult years in the industry where he succeeded in clawing his way right to the top from the most humble beginnings.
Talk about a classical case of veni vidi vici!

Anyway, Mike, moce mada.
Come back soon!

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OfficetoOcean said...

I met Mike at the Dive Show in Birmingham once (might have been London actually)...really nice bloke :)