Sunday, April 28, 2013

Time for a new Rant?

From a message by a friend.
Just looked at your blog. Doesn't look like you're fighting with anyone lately. ZZZZZ ...
See? Damned if I do, damned if I don't!

What to do?
Should really I post that anonymous message about this plea bargain?
It reads, inter alia
That article is only part of the whole story.
Having a name like Cousteau can get you out of a lot of hot water...what a pathetic ending to what was going to be a blockbuster investigation about a film crew in a National Marine Sanctuary who deliberately caused the killing of a protected whale calf...

C and his team used zodiacs to separate the calf from the mother so the killer whales could kill the calf. THEN they needed close in shots so they grabbed as many pieces of blubber they could to keep the killers around.
Obviously this was outrageous on too many levels to count, and when word got out Ms Blacks house was raided and the images and video of this event with C heard and shown directing the crew became known.

The investigators were told to refocus the entire investigation after C went to his buddies and begged for help - powerful folks indeed.
The deal Ms Black got was part of this fabrication, she would be the fall gal, in return for a light sentence. She gets to keep her boat, her titles and research permits, basically everything she started with.
C got his documentary, made money, and continues to this day to be "Advocate for the Oceans" do all his friends.

NO ONE in the oceans community is free from guilt on this.
Complicit in this and was in fact asked to step in and help clear Mr C and his team from wrongdoing?
Sylvia Earle...yes Ms Marine Sanctuary herself!

Or what about the irritating David McGuire.
Should I really re-blog this post and state that quite obviously, something stinks - and that I'm not in the least surprised?

Let others do the dirty work and the investigating!
This is all happening in California that probably boasts the world's highest, and I may add, highly incestuous concentration of marine conservation activists and orgs, from legit all the way to frothy do-gooderism and that toxic mixture of outright liars and cheats, pompous bloviating firemen and outrageous new age whacks.
Let them weed out the rot in their midst and for once show some backbone instead of all that karmic political correctness and collective koombayahing - that baby Whale story literally screams Sea Shepherd and I'm tempted to say, all theirs!
Or how about if Dan Noyes did some real investigative journalism for a change?
But then again... :)

And what about Lupe.
Should I really post that Ritter and his Sharkitarians are mounting a free-diving (= out-of cage) research trip (!) and that this is the inevitable consequence of the shenanigans of the past seasons?
Should I point out that tourists are being abused as guinea pigs for Erich's pseudoscientific BS - notabene unter hoch verantwortungsbewusster, fachmännischer Anleitung, meaning under highly responsible and expert guidance? Of Ritter and this dude? Hah!
Maybe - but then I would probably have to add that a) this is illegal, b) at this rate, somebody will get killed and if so, c) it will be 100% the fault of the operator and that as a consequence d) the Mexican authorities will step in and shut the place down.
But then again, I've been ranting for years and nobody gives a shit - so why bother!

Decisions decisions...


jsd said...


J-M C?

Not the same J-M C who was sued by his father for using the C name for his business deals???...

Papa C sues Son C

...Didn't Papa C come up with a memorable phrase to describe J-M? I don't remember it precisely but something like 'Just because he came from my sperm doesn't mean he's any good'?


And Ritter risking his groupies for at-one-with-the-OM white shark porn!!! If I ever decide I'm so dumb as to want to swim with whites, Erich Got Bit a Lot is the last person I'd want advising me.

I think I'll take one of these as a buddy:-

dive buddy...

and for surface support...

and air cover...

I think we should come up with our dream list of 'shark experts' who should do this trip with Erich so that at the end of it there may be a few less 'shark experts' around and a few more shark experts.

(1) Sean van Sommeran.

DaShark said...

Aaaahhh mon ami... I'm very very tempted to add some names to the lineup...

But I think I shall resist... like I've finally come to the decision not to blog about any of the topics of this post!

And anyway, we all know who they are!