Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lumpy, by Ozzie Sam!

Click for detail! Source.

Great pic!

Lumpy is a rather new Shark.
She turned up three years ago and remains a more occasional visitor. You can recognize her by the large lump, quite possibly a tumor on the right hand side behind the gills and above the pec, and by the many wrinkles around the gills that are totally unique (not even Granma has those) and likely a sign of protracted age.

Sam's visit has been a pleasure as always.
And as always, he got skunked by the weather that turned sour the day he arrived and is only slowly improving now that he is leaving - go wonder! Thus and despite of solid numbers, the elusive Bull Shark wallpaper shot has remained just that - the good news being that he'll have to come back and try again!

Moce mada mate - safe travels!

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Sam Cahir said...

:-) Thanks Mike, and please pass on my thanks to the team for being the fantastic hosts they always are....