Thursday, April 18, 2013

Great Fiji Shark Count - insane!

What a difference to last April!
The weather has been more than clement, and there's more Sharks than ever. In fact I had a quick peek at our log sheets and at slightly more than midway through the Great Fiji Shark Count, we've already marked down in excess of 2,000 Shark sightings - and this obviously net, without duplications!
Sam - dya hear me? :)

Case in point, the above screen shots.
They are from one and the same clip, a mere 6-7 seconds apart - that would be more than 70 big Bull Sharks on the second dive at 15 meters.
Click for detail!

Crazy stuff - and the busiest months are yet to come!


Tropical Selkie said...

I hear ya! THAT is awesome!!

The Sharkman said...

Just Awesome...... so many memories.

DaShark said...

Different Sam who's due here shortly! :)

You have a GREAT time in the Galapagos!