Thursday, April 18, 2013

Great Fiji Shark Count - that's how you do it!

Technically speaking, the Great Fiji Shark Count is about science.
But it was always also about tourism and showcasing our breathtaking marine environment - and above all, about having fun and making amazing discoveries.

Nobody shows it more than the folks up north.
From the timely announcement to the blog posts and regular messages like this and this one, they really embody the spirit of of what we set out to do.

Kudos - big props!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the complements B.A.D. With the GFSC and the Fiji dive industries team effort hopefully we can bring lots of awareness, and more people to come observe these truly amazing animals while they are still in the wild, so they don't become the marine equivalent of the Rhino, where this year Limpopo Park in South Africa just lost it's last remaining rhinos. At one point they had more than 300.

Keep up the good work down south and we'll keep blogging and posting from our end up here.

DaShark said...

Agree, and greetings back!

Guys you really need to pop down for a go-see - the main season is underway & we're seeing 50+ Bulls on every dive!