Monday, April 15, 2013

GWS in Hawaii - Paper!

NOT a GWS after all! Source.

Once again, nice!

The paper is here - read it!
Nothing really immensely spectacular, the more as it's not based on original field work but simply on a compilation of GWS sightings in HI since 1926 - incidentally much like the stuff by DeMaddalena the bloviating barlafüs da Milan.  
But the conclusions are certainly interesting as they once again confirm Domeier's hypothesis (or may it already be a theory after so much verification?) that the GWS females follow a two-year breeding and migration cycle and can thus be encountered in HI year-round whereas the males, being males, periodically rush back to the aggregation and mating sites for their yearly hanky panky.
AND, it unequivocally identifies this Shark as a Mako, meaning that its now turns out that the very prominent GW researcher did not know what he was talking about!

So Kudos to Kewin Weng on a job well done.
I didn't know who he was but now that I've found it, I shall read his dissertation with interest.

And remember Honebrink?
Yes that would be he of the Cookiecutter Shark attack paper - but also he of this utter stupidity, thus not somebody I respect a lot.

But the paper is nice!

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