Monday, February 06, 2012

We the People - great Answer by Angelo!

Bravo Angelo!
Yes the NOAA response is a lot of bull crap and oh so typical of Washington.
But to be fair, NOAA must also think of the impact their decisions are going to have on the livelihoods of the fishermen so a blanket Shark fishing & trading ban was never a realistic outcome. And I must also agree that the key is sustainability - tho as we've seen when it comes to Sharks, sustainable fishing is more than debatable.

But of course Angelo is spot on, and I cite.

The United States is not leading the world in shark conservation, neither in policy nor in advocacy.
Many nations are ahead of them, including Palau, which despite criticisms they are not conducting enforcement, busted another illegal shark fishing vessel last week (Also to give credit to the United States, it was the US Coast Guard that apprehended the illegal shark fishing vessel in the Marshall Islands this past November).

Shark sanctuaries and proper management are the way forward for protecting threatened shark species, not finning bans. As we point out in our petition, finning bans determine how a dead shark is discarded, not how many are killed or whether they actually live.

Could not agree more! :)

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