Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Great Fiji Shark Count - Posters!

This is our selection of Fiji's most common inshore Sharks, Rays and Turtles - click for detail!

Alex the Sharkman is really cranking them out!

Case in point, this post about the GFSC!
Helen and the team has been incredibly busy and the two posters are but a fraction of what has been accomplished since the launch less than a month ago!
They will come in two versions, a large paper one for decoration and distribution throughout Fiji, and a large waterproof slate that can be kept aboard and will help participants come up with the correct identifications after the dives.

Talking of which, here they are.
Everybody has been duly notified and barring the advent of a couple of Johnny-come-latelies, these are the operations who care and thus, the places where you should book your April vacation in Fiji. They are all excellent outfits and I highly recommend every single one of them!
And should this be too short term, don't despair as we're likely to repeat the exercise in November!

See you in April!

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