Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Richard - bloody excellent!

Crazy stuff - Richard Pyle exploring the twilight zone. Pic by Howard Hall.

From the post.

Biodiversity is earth’s greatest library, and we have not matured enough as a species, as a civilization, to realize it yet.
Someday soon we will understand how to read the secrets contained within the Biodiversity Library. Unfortunately, we are on the brink of this planet’s sixth great extinction event, and each time a species goes extinct, it is like burning the last copy of a book. Once it is gone, the information it contained is lost forever.
Earth’s greatest library is burning.

And not only that: the librarians are going extinct!
Richard is one of them and of course none other than he of the squeaky voice - and if there was ever any doubt that he is utterly nuts, read his account of how he and Howard have ridden a submarine (notabene on the outside!) to quickly get to one of Cocos' submerged sea mounts! And in case you cannot discern it - he is STILL only wearing swim trunks!
Was it really me that was recently bemoaning the demise of the intrepid, and crazy explorers and adventurers? :)

Richards series of posts in the NYT is part of One World One Ocean.
As I said here, I'm very impressed by the project and I simply cannot wait to see Howard's cinematography that will undoubtedly eclipse everything else - as it always does!

Anyway, great job buddy!

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