Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hard Work and Perseverance!

Pics by Nadi Bay Photography - click for detail

Fiji is a small place and the AON awards, a real big deal.
Consequently, the phone hasn't stopped ringing with people congratulating us and also, with requests for interviews by the various media - and with other rather exciting stuff which we will be reporting about at a later stage!

Anyway, the Fiji Sun did run a nice little piece today.
Nothing spectacular, really - but the print version featured this cute picture of the Prime Minister together with Nani, which has instantly catapulted her to the rank of local celebrity.
On-line version here - the picture is this collage by Vitaly Sokol.

And here's another cute one of Nani with Adrian Sofield, the chairman of Investment Fiji!


OfficetoOcean said...

Thoroughly well deserved and Nani should be a celebrity anyway, you all should be ;)

The Sharkman said...

I agree 100%