Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sharks and Chupacabras - DaShiffmann on the Oxy Myth!

Thank you David! I must say, I am impressed. No not because he has totally debunked the oxygen myth by illustrating why the hypothesis is utterly implausible to the point of being ridiculous, something that by now, anybody with a brain should be amply aware of. No, I am impressed because David has deigned to tackle the subject despite of its silliness whilst remaining his usual compelling, polite and above all, eminently factual and informative self in the process! Well done! But, has he disproven the myth? No obviously not as that's not the way this works! Remember the yellow pig? He who asserts carries the burden of proof! Eagerly awaiting Jessica's dissertation proving her silly-gism that, and I obviously cite, All Sharks supply Oxygen to Earth! Maybe start with, say, Cookiecutter Sharks and exploding populations of large pelagic Fishes, Mammals and submarines? But more to the point as I'm clearly being silly myself. There needs to be a moment of accountability after a fiasco of these dimensions - and yes Erik the Mad Hatter: we're looking at you - and at Rob, Julie, Jupp et al! No not because you're bad people with bad intentions; but because despite of your bombastic self promotion, you are actually nothing more than sheeple that have uncritically inhaled, parroted and propagated the pseudoscience of your friend the Great Guru of Sharkitarianism - and above all, because despite of multiple attempts at educating you that this is nothing more than utter unadulterated moronic bullshit, you have stubbornly clung on to this stupidity like a truther to building #7! And the deluge of your disciples starting from the credulous echo chambers all the way to the naïve Hollywood stars and the rabid zealots like Jessica? This is now your very own legacy - and rest assured that no amount of self serving amnesia and pudic deleting will ever succeed in completely erasing that public record: scripta manent! Leaves Erich Ritter. Gotta hand it to the man, he really is the ultimate trailblazer. Neff's attempts to re-define Shark attacks as mere accidents; the moronic to totally demented self-immolation by the bimbettes in order to prove, or whatever, that Sharks don't attack humans; and now the moronic oxy myth - all are phylogenetically linked to Erich and his visions. And so it goes. I say, enough of that shit. So far, everybody has been polite - but from now on

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