Tuesday, February 21, 2012

BBC Video!

U gotta watch this in full screen mode.
Great stuff !

And, and we got ourselves a genuine Ritter moment!
I mean, seriously, how could anybody, ever think that this would not end in tears!

Enjoy - and take a moment to marvel at human stupidity!


Anonymous said...

Go here:-


...and then click on the interaction button and scroll through. Photos 13, 16 and 20 show - unless he's taken to wearing bikinis - that Ritter is perfectly willing to endanger others to participate in his stunts, sorry, pseudo-science, sorry science, sorry, ground-breaking Nobel Prize Worthy Super Science that is so far beyond the comprehension of mere mortals.

...And what about that cameraman wearing a nice white helmet when in with the bulls and wondering why they were all over him?!

The Sharkman said...

Guess the Know-all so called scientist wants to donate more body parts. Maybe he wants to film "Anatomy of a Shark Bite 2".

DaShark said...

I DID check that link - epic! :)

The shooter is Tom Campbell, guess he likes being swarmed!