Sunday, February 19, 2012

Alex - back on Air!

Busy: Shark Reef in 2009!

Whilst I'm ruminating on one of those posts.

This one is easy.
Alex the Sharkman has not only revamped his website and started publishing his epic interviews, he has finally started blogging again.

His first proper post is about us.
To me, it is particularly interesting because so much has changed since, e.g. the fact that we don't anymore feed the Trevally at the surface and that the pit is now really out of bounds. It also reminds me painfully that none of the Tigers turned up for him, something that we interpret as competitive exclusion.

Anyway, it's a great read and a trip down memory lane.
What can I say but that we are really honored.
A big Vinaka Vakalevu my friend!

Enjoy Alex' post.


The Sharkman said...

Sorry to read about the Tiger Sharks are not coming back.

Maybe you should go look for them on the other reefs and thus have the chance to create a second marine reserve.

Thank you.

DaShark said...

They do come back but much more rarely as the Bulls are just too dominant.

As you know, Tigers roam very long distances, so it's not like they would be "living" elsewhere in the vicinity.

And if we did start a new reserve in the Beqa area & then established a Shark dive, my guess would be that the same would happen again i.e. that the Bulls would quickly become dominant again.
It's a matter of procedures, really, and ours appear to be particularly Bull-friendly! :)

Plus there are enough Shark dives here and setting up more would just confuse the animals even more than they already are.