Thursday, February 02, 2012

About those invasive Lionfish!

Lionfish invasion - details here!

Check this out!

Remember this post?
As I said, I anticipate that the situation will be vastly different in 10 years as the Caribbean predators will have learned to appreciate those Lionfish - that is, provided that will be are any Caribbean predators left! In that respect, I totally like the idea of targeting Lionfish for food, especially whilst sparing other native species as suggested in the video!
A good bouillabaisse always includes some rascasse which is the Mediterranean Scorpionfish - so why not develop an according equally delicious Caribbean version!

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Unknown said...

The spearing fishing club that I am member of has organized tournaments around Lionfish:, been pretty successful. One was organized in Bimini, the amount of Lions was just ridiculous...