Wednesday, February 22, 2012

BAD Viking - Interview!

Yes we got pretty corals and fishes, too!


The only BAD Viking has been interviewed by Alex the Sharkman.
Lill has announced her visit for May so it is only natural that she is trying to ingratiate herself by saying nice things about BAD - but where she's right is that we have indeed adopted her and actually very much look forward to her return!
It'll be the start of Winter and I fully expect to see her turning up with the dreaded semi-dry - and guess what Lill, after having frozen my poor ass during the last cold season, I may be sporting one myself!
Because I can & because I'm not a Viking!:)

Anyway, enjoy Lill's interview!


The Sharkman said...

Lill give my regards to all my friends.... Above and below sea level.


(Tiger)Lily said...

Alex - I will, and I will have an extra look for Alex the shark!

Thanks Mike, can't wait to dive with the BAD-crew again (and will of course bring my doble 7mm semi dry for this round : )