Friday, June 19, 2009

Well done Bill!

Remember Bill Fisher?

He was with us in 2006 and wrote a glowing report of his experience in Shark Diver Magazine, garnished with great pictures by Terry Goss.

Bill and Joe Romeiro have teamed up to form 333 Productions and judging from their page on YouTube, they've literally been "everywhere".

I was really excited to find this 2006 video featuring not only a feisty (and much smaller) Scarface (the one with the crooked mouth), but also our biggest Lemon Whitetail. See the black dot on her nose? That's typical for Sicklefin Lemons - check out yer pics from Tiger Beach!
And there's also footage of Adi, or Princess, one of our smaller Tigers, filmed on Aqua Trek's dive (we don't grab).
Very cool!

Fiji Sharks-2006

But the real reason for this post is that 333 Productions have just won the Emerging Underwater Filmmaker category in this year's BLUE Ocean Film Festival!
Here's the trailer of their winning submission Death of a Deity.

Well done guys, and keep up the good, pro-Shark work!

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333 Productions said...

Thanks for the press guys ! ! ! !
Glad you like the video...

Bill & Joe - 333 Productions