Monday, June 15, 2009

Lots of Stuff going on!

Still trying to settle in, so once again, this will have to be short.

A lot has happened in the last two days and I invite you to go exploring the following links.

Oceanic Dreams have posted the 2009 Shark Week program - including Deadly Waters (not Bio Recon - I'll come back to that later) with the following synopsis.

SURVIVORMAN’s Les Stroud is back for more shark action — this time venturing to five of the most notorious shark infested waters in the world to find out which is the most dangerous. Les will initiate a series of immersive tests in these high-fatality “hot spots” to determine what makes these waters so deadly.

So, Fiji is now officially a "high-fatality hotspot"! Great!
So much anti-Shark evil in such a small announcement. Just remarkable!

In that respect, Underwater Thrills have re-posted a two-part series from January when Les Stroud and Gurney first got in contact with their anti-Shark garbage and which contains the infamous "experiment list". The Fiji experiments have been slightly modified - but more about that later. As the title of that post says, this is just for the record.

Underwater Thrills have proposed a media Contract for Sharks and Sharky has given it an eloquent and intelligent endorsement.
So do we. It's work in progress and we have proposed to add some further guidelines which you can see in the comments section of that post. Let's hope this will quickly progress into something tangible where many operators will sign up.

The Discovery petition is progressing well but still needs to explode into viral mode, so please make the effort to contact and motivate all your friends! Ila France Porcher of the International Year of the Shark has created a blog devoted to this topic and Gary has written an op ed about it on the Shark Safe Project blog.

Much to read!
Talk soon.

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