Sunday, June 07, 2009

Abomination 2.0

250 bucks!

That's the weekly prize for killing the biggest Shark in Destin's month-long Fishing Rodeo.

The reasoning behind the new division is “to get more people fishing in Destin,” said Rodeo Executive Director Helen Donaldson.
With the lack of red snapper on the boards for the Rodeo, due to the closure of the fishery as of Aug. 15, the new category was birthed.
“We were just looking for a way we can help the charter boats,” said Rodeo board member Tim Broom. “And not having the red snapper, we needed something else to fish for that will draw excitement. “And a shark on the docks creates more excitement than any other fish,” Broom said.
“I think it will be a good time,” said Capt. Bud Miller, a Rodeo board member and captain of the Melanie Dawn. “And I think it will draw a big crowd when the Rodeo needs one,” he said. “You’ve heard it said, ‘People will step over a 1,000 pound blue marlin to see a 200 pound shark,’ — and they will,” Miller said.
Lemon and nurse shark are not eligible as well as any other shark that is state or federally protected.
However, shark that are open game are Bull, Mako, Hammerhead and Tiger to name a few.

Just great!
Thing is, they should know better. Apparently, this particular Shark killing event had already been discontinued due to the lobbying by one Gail Powell. But the local Chamber of Commerce, in their wisdom, think otherwise.

"I think the national spotlight is a good thing," said Shane Moody, president/CEO of the Destin Chamber of Commerce. "These people who threaten protests, were they in Pensacola when they had their shark tournament? Why are they singling out Destin?"

Indeed, why?
Did I say because yer a bunch of Shark murdering morons? Of course not!

Looks like another chance for the good folks from the Shark Safe Project to capitalize on their recent success in Ft. Myers - this time aided by a local Shark conservationist. Yes, like a prominent Shark person just wrote, Here we go again!! Its like pigs in a sac -get one and another jumps out!!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Shark conservation!


Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

Destin been a bit bi-polar about that shark tourney for a while now:

DaShark said...

You could say that!

Bipolar as in mentally retarded!

But it quite frankly pales in comparison to the redneck orgy in Delray!