Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Ocean’s Nazis?

This was yesterday's dive! And 30 Bulls!

Are you still wondering what kind of "education" people get from watching Discovery Channel?

Look no further than this astonishing article!
Proof positive!

It's so bloody preposterous that I first took it for a spoof - but alas, it probably ain't.
I really don't know much about US politics but if being anti-Conservation is what US Libertarianism stands for, I shall be very happy never to endorse them!

But back to Discovery.
This is a direct consequence of Shark Porn - and this is why so many people are pissed off!
So, guys, make a choice as you really cannot have it both ways: if you really care about your "green" branding and the income it generates, you really gotta stop this shit.


PS: Sharky has just weighed in with a much more eloquent post.


Sharky said...

Bah, the examiner took the post down. What a bunch of cowards.

DaShark said...


Well - in a way, that's good news!

Having said that, it still vividly depicts the damage those guys from Discovery are doing to the very animals they depend on for those despicable shows.