Friday, June 05, 2009

Daniel - Photographing the Rainbow

Check out this slide show.

This is the art of Daniel Botelho, one of Brazil's foremost underwater photographers.
Anybody who knows about Brazil, its colors and above all, the Carnival can see what inspired him to seek images featuring this unique color saturation - and yes, Photoshop probably helps. Totally reminds me of the venerable Kodachrome 25!

Last year, Daniel did a really short 3-day stint with us on his way back from snorkeling with the Humpback Whales in Vava'u.
We like to get to know people before placing them closer to the Sharks and to his credit -and I mean it- he understood where we were coming from and graciously accepted having to sit in the guest viewing area like everybody else. But he's coming back next year and will undoubtedly be allowed to migrate to a more advantageous position. Soft-spoken and modest, he's a real pleasure to work with.

Despite of the constraints, he managed to capture some great shots which you can admire in this small portfolio - on top of becoming the darling of the local Kava merchants and consequently, of our staff!

Well done Daniel - it's been a privilege meeting you!

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