Monday, June 08, 2009

Airing Right Now!

That would be "South Pacific" on BBC Two!

Yes, with some footage from The Best Shark Dive in the World!
Producer Jonathan Clay and cameraman Richard were with us last year and despite of some very foul weather, they were blessed with a visit by our VIP-enamored Scarface who turned up on both dives and presented Richard with a golden opportunity when she glided in and closely inspected his domeport.

Can't wait to see it!
Entirely filmed in Hi Def, it's once again a production by the BBC Natural History Unit and will undoubtedly contain some epic footage as always! I went on YouTube but so far, there's only this one teaser of a monster wave in slo-mo (and the BBC iPlayer only works in the UK) but judging from that, we're once again in for a real treat!

Apparently, the video versions are due shortly, with the US release renamed into Wild Pacific because of the musical. The funny hing being that after all the recent drama, it's due to air on Discovery! It obviously takes the Brits to show them how to do some decent pro-Nature programs! Isn't life just funny!
And there's another trailer here - featuring a Tiger Shark!
Is it her?

As I read somewhere, Jon is responsible for Part 5 and 6 and I sure hope that we feature in Fragile Paradise! But wherever we are, it's again quite a milestone for our small dive shop.

May many more such great productions follow!
(Oh they will they will!)

PS: "flesh-eating caterpillars"?


Wilson said...

Gratz on your contribution! Gotta love the BBC :) Nice to know that BBC made the South Pacific doco in HD. Thats the only way to see us pac islands mate! :P Pity the damn BBC iPlayer only works in the UK lol. That, and it looks like i might have to invest in a PS3. know...the movies. The games'll be a bonus ;)

DaShark said...

.... and a big flat screen television! (:

Unknown said...

just watched the bbc footage and it was absolutley awesome. im going to have to pull some overtime so i can get a trip over and meet scarface in person.

keep up the goodwork!


DaShark said...

Thank you Gary!

I'm about to get a copy of the DVD & can't wait to see it!

Those guys are magicians with the camera and their editing is second to none - and yet, they couldn't be more unassuming and respectful, a real pleasure to work with!

Scarface is all over the place and sends her best regards!