Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The other Camera!


I knew Lawrence was behind me when i filmed Rusi's mouth-feed - and here it is, on 1:02!
Love that Hi-def, gotta get me one!



Lawrence Groth said...

Bula Mike
GROTH you missed the T buddy. This was an epic dive and I will never forget that entire week. It was pure FIJI fantastic. The Return of Scarface and then the epic show with Russi and his mouth feeding scenario. AWESOME just AWESOME. Gald to be a part of it.

When you coming to Guadalupe?

DaShark said...

C'mon what's a "T" among friends... (:

Apologies - and rectified!

Well looks like I better get 2 Lupe rather sooner than later!
Just so busybusybusy here and alas, it doesn't tie in with DEMA when I'm over there anyway.

But yer right, I really must do it one day - what's the very best season?

PS Scarface came in today, with brand new mating scars. Lemme tell u, that's one busy lady! But where are the males???

Lawrence Groth said...

OH That little Hussy! I am sure that a matriarch such as Scarface knows exactly where the males are.
Maybe we should place a sat tag on her towards the end of the season and see where she goes for her pupping and then her mating afterwards. You could set the tag to record indefinitely and not to release as she returns to Shark Reef every year. Russi could simply remove the tag when she returns. As you know the satelite tags record data and then transmit a certain percentage of the data when released. However when the tag is recovered (rarely) the complete data can be recovered 100%! I'll drop a $1000.00 towards that tag.

Bula Vinaka,
Lawrence GroTh :)
PS. September/October. Just get to San Diego and I will handle the rest. Perhaps we could get Gary A to join us?

DaShark said...

Hey Mr. T

I like that! (:

We haven't been very lucky with those sat tags - as u know, Gary tags them underwater as we don't like the catching/roping routine and so far, they've all fallen off prematurely.
But I'll sure run it by Juerg - tho this aint really his target species. Thanks for the offer, very generous of you!

We'll however tag her with an acoustic tag and are currently placing more receivers all over the place including the rivers (for the Bulls). So, we may get lucky and pick her up somewhere.

I'll have to pass on this year but next year for sure! Great idea re: Gary!