Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Abomination 2.1.

Pic: Lill Haugen, who else!

Back to Destin.

I'm running out, and I'm also tired of posting pics of dead pregnant Sharks so here's one of our very much alive newcomers. We have named her Nani in honor of our incomparable Nanise and no, that's not because she's feisty and has a big mouth!

Note the bent up tip of her pec which will make it easy to identify her going forward. The gash in the mouth is from a fishing leader which Rusi managed to remove last week. Yes, that was tricky!

Anyway, the Destin abomination is now getting the attention it deserves.
First, there was this funny (!) article in the Daily News. Then, Luke Tipple's op ed in the Destin Log. Finally, the Log is running an online poll on the subject - when I entered my vote in the bottom field on the right-hand column, the result came out as 55% No and 38% Yes. Let's hope the vote stays the same and Ms. Donaldson listens!

Talking of which, I cannot access the Discovery Petition site!
Just a Fiji thing - or is it global?
And if so, why?


Tafa said...

Hi DaShark,

After reading your post I did a little lookup. Well my guess is that the petition site is being blocked world wide or their server is down. I did a trace and the last hop it does is in US before the trace dies out. Its going out of FINTEL gateway without any issues.

Well lets wait and see if it comes back online.

Its true that now its starting to attract attention and the more they try and sweep the issue under the mat the more people will dig it up, esp in Fiji (if you know what I mean (: ).

Its just a matter of time before people start asking questions.

Hopefully its not to late.

DaShark said...

Oh yes don't we know the mat thing... (:
Speaking of which, the discussion about the Fiji Shark fiasco is way from being over - keep watching this space!

Nah it's never too late, if this should turn out 2b more than a simple technical glitch, it'll cause a REAL fury & all of us are going to simply re-double our efforts!

Thanks for you insights Tafa - very interesting indeed!

Tafa said...

Well the good news is that the site is back online so we can continue our efforts.

I am planning something to take this a step further online wise.. I will get my end sorted out and forward the plan of action to the blog for discussion. Nothing drastic but it should get mileage.

Sometime back I learnt a very important lesson in marketing.

"You can sell anything to anyone, even if they dont need it. It all depends on how determined you are and how you market it."

Its truly amazing how misunderstood sharks are. Its about time we start setting the record straight.

I hear scarface is still around. :) I was lucky enough to have her swim a couple of feet above me on my first ever shark dive and I think I owe it a lot to her for changing my view towards sharks. Planning for a shark dive towards the end of next month (will try and see if workmates are up to the dive also).

You have really got a lovely and friendly team working at BAD, its been really an experience learning to dive with them. Especially how they interact with tourists and even locals. There is no double standards, something that I really appreciated while being there.

DaShark said...

Thank you!

You're absolutely right, the staff are wonderful and genuine and we are blessed in being able to work with them.

I'll be around and look forward to meeting you!

Anonymous said...

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