Friday, March 06, 2015

Fiji - next Week's Weather!

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Looks like we're in for trouble.

The forecasts still anticipate a very nasty cyclone.
But as you can see from the Pacific Islands Chart at the top, the eye is anticipated to track south between Vanuatu and Fiji, meaning that both countries and possibly even New Caledonia will experience strong winds and torrential rain but still be spared the worst, see at the bottom. And like I said, this would siphon off a lot of heat and probably mitigate the anticipated Coral bleaching.

We here in the South of Viti Levu are relatively sheltered.
But 945 hectopascal are simply massive, likely a Cat 4 to 5, and any deviation towards Fiji from the anticipated track would be extremely alarming.
So keep your eyes glued to those charts!

You know what to do!

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