Friday, March 06, 2015

Marine Dynamics joins GSD!

Funny how this has come about.
GSD membership is usually bestowed by invitation, and I happen to be MD's patron - and I can tell you that what really did pique my initial interest in the company has been Michelle's gleeful deconstructing of all those moronic opines posted on that GWS Facebook page during the South African OCEARCH fiasco!
But of course I've since done my due diligence, and the overwhelming majority of the opinions by people I respect agree that this is quite probably the only South African GWS operator that truly walks the talk and that fully matches our three guiding principles of safety, research and conservation - and this in spades!

For the mossbacks among you - this is André's original company.
Via the Dyer Island Conservation Trust he has founded, Wilfred has since turned it into an integrated tourism and research facility, much like BAD. Should you want to know more about the pleathora of rather stellar initiatives they are involved in, please consult MD's website, maybe best starting with this page.
Very impressive indeed!

Anyway, a big welcome aboard!
And it's obviously not over yet - next stop Micronesia! :)

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