Saturday, March 28, 2015

Royalty - and then some!

L2R: Back: Fabi and Tumbee; Middle: Douglas, Howard, Aceni, Rusi, Emily, Valerie, Bati and Papa; Front: Peni, Jayne and Michele - click for detail!

This would be a combined 50k+ hours of Shark diving experience.
Need I say more!


Shark Diver said...

Only 50K combined? ;-)

DaShark said...

Yeah I know I know...

Mind u that is our back-of-the-envelope estimate for hours, and this only for Shark dives - and with an average dive lasting 45', you do the math!

Oh... and images will be forthcoming... just to show the wannabees how it's being done... :)

Ian Campbell said...

Having had the privilege of accompanying the true aristocracy of marine photojournalism pioneers, it was also amazing to see that there was not a single ego among the group.

For a group of people who work closely with sharks, a lack of hubris was certainly refreshing.

Promoting marine conservation and understanding, and not a bikini clad shark ride in site.

Shark Diver said...

You know wannabees? ;-)

We've had Howard and Michele on our boat a few times. If I would know 1% of what they know about photography and viedography, I would consider myself lucky!

Michele said...

It was a tremendous thrill to dive with all of you. Vinaka Vakalevu for the opportunity, diving, friendship,safety and professionalism.