Sunday, March 15, 2015

Does Fish belong on the Menu?


Remember the 30%/70% solution I mentioned here?
Right on clue, here comes this paper assessing the status of  global capture fisheries and global aquaculture - read it! 
Long story short: contrary to what the doomsayers would want us believe, the Armageddon is not upon us. Instead, there has been progress, some of which remarkable. Yes there are of course challenges, but they can certainly be overcome. And when it comes to capture fisheries, the solution is obviously sustainability - and of course, those mega-MPAs people are talking about!

It is nothing but the elitist supercilious clap trap of the privileged, and it continues to anger me whenever I read it.
I mean, seriously, just look at what agriculture and urbanization have done to our own terrestrial biota! All the future population growth, and that of the individual ecological footprints is going to happen in the developing word, and to suggest that we continue promoting those failed policies, and clear away and reticulate ever more wild habitat is just simply stupid and reckless.

Food will have to be a mix - and Fish will certainly be a part of it.
Anyway, nuff said!

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