Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Johann about Shark Provisioning!

But first.
Mike did not set up BAD but only became a shareholder later, after bailing them out following a shareholder dispute. And Mike did not set up the Shark dive on Shark Reef.
The dive was already in existence but the site was not protected.
Mike mediated the talks between the Fijian government and the village of Galoa that led to the establishment the SRMR, a locally managed MPA, and where BAD were simultaneously appointed as trustees and the only dive op allowed to conduct baited Shark dives there.
Last year, the SRMR was then designated Fiji's first National Marine Park.

Also, Rusi and Manasa are not BAD's only Shark feeders.
They are the original feeders but since then, we've trained several new feeders among which Rusi's son Mavoa and Manasa's son Tumbee.
But the gist of the story is correct! :)

But I'm digressing.
Johann is an experienced Shark diver and knows what he's talking about. Of course there are localized effects but the principal statement as I see it is
Si l'activité est bien gérée et j'insiste, si elle est bien gérée, il n'y a pas de risques majeurs pour l'homme.
Echoed by Rick who correctly states
Hand feeding data from the studies that have been done do not show any long-term changes in behavior. There are temporal changes in activity around feeding, but after feeding sharks appear to go back to biz as usual. I'm not an apologist for shark feeding... I remain skeptical as well. But the data to date does not appear to indicate negative behavior change IF STRINGENT PROTOCOLS ARE FOLLOWED.
As people are regularly and painfully reminded of, it's not WHAT you do, it's HOW you do it!
And I repeat my assertion that Shark dives may well be safer than normal dives, this because we in the industry know of the risks and are extra vigilant!

Bravo Johann, nice job! :)


Johann MOURIER said...

Thanks Mike,
they reused statements I made years ago during my PhD for a former article they made and I updated a bit these statements based on my experience. I is just a snapshot of what was said but I hope the important message is still inside.

BTW nice animated picture ;)

DaShark said...


In fact, Sharks LOVE pizza, I'm sure I've seen it on Shark Week.

Don't tell me you didn't know!

Shark Mensch? Is that even a thing? said...

Actually, according to ABC2.5, sharks like Turkey, Pig, Barracuda and very greasy dreadlocks.

Captured for all to admire here on Shark Week.


Of course the show could not have been done without the help of Uber Conservationists and all round Shark Mensch - Stuart Cove - a man who has steadfastly never let a bad idea with sharks go to waste.

DaShark said...

Oh yes oh yes!

Not to forget the fucking WATER MELON that looks like a Sea Turtle!