Monday, March 16, 2015

Attempted Bite !

And here we go again.

This is, undoubtedly, Tiger Beach.
And this is the direct consequence of all those idiots, charlatans, media whores, whisperers, warriors, men and girls and whathaveyou that claim to be dispelling the myth by suggesting that those large predatory Sharks are completely harmless.

They are not.
They are not puppies that only want to hug, or whatever, but instead dangerous and potentially lethal wildlife. As a minimum, give them the fucking respect of acknowledging what they are!
And incidentally, this is precisely why we have our procedures, and why we will never negotiate with the adrenaline hunters and the over-eager photographers!

Anyway - watch.

PS - Pete Thomas, with erroneous interpretation here - but thanks for the shout-out! :)
PPS - stupid video here. No it is NOT mistaken identity and no, I am NOT taking aim at Jimmy who is a friend and whom I respect very much!


jsd said...

It's amazing the tiger shark was lazy and wasn't exactly trying - otherwise it would have taken his head off.

Moldy Black Duckwing Brigade said...

You are so SMUG!

How else are Tigers meant to express their LOVE for divers?

With their mouths that's how!

I will bet my Moldy Black Duck Wings you have never experienced the true love of sharks.

And you call yourself a conservationist, feh!

Love looks like predation silly, but it is love none the less.

Anonymous said...


Ich hoffe, dass das nicht Dein Bein ist!!!

Gruss vom 26. 4.

DaShark said...

Predation - don't think so.

If I had to venture an interpretation, that Tiger is doing something akin to gaping assertively = telling the dude to fuck off.

jsd said...

Not convinced - it only opens its mouth when it is in biting range of a stationary object which it thinks will be a doddle to eat and has several follow-up snaps when the 'food' moves.

DaShark said...

Yes JSD agree - that's why I did call it assertive gaping, probably a bad description - so let's say, it is snapping or whatever - in any case, having witnessed quite a few such events, it's an annoyed rather than a famished Shark.

Mind you, we'll obviously never know - but that would be my interpretation, and I stand by it.

A 5 year old gets this said...

Ohh, ohh, can I Intuit what's happening here?

Ok, so there's this shark, and there's sum divers, and because sum of the divers have been HAND FEEDING the sharks, sum of the sharks have become "beggars?"

And sum sharks are "confused" because the divers are treating them mean.

So can we stop treating the sharks mean? Presenting them with varied stimuli, no cohesive animal interaction protocols, and a balls deep laissez-faire with sharks that beggars imagination?

You know, for the sharks?

jsd said...

'Mind you, we'll obviously never know - but that would be my interpretation, and I stand by it.'

Where the hell is Erich Hopalot when you need him?

DaShark said...

Agree about the lack of cohesive interaction protocols which is the bane of those multi-user sites.

Disagree about the underlying innuendo that Sharks are confused because they are just too dumb to recognize varying circumstances - they are remarkably clever, and that Shark appears to know exactly what it is doing.