Monday, March 09, 2015

Cyclone - off the Charts?

Click for detail!

Take a good look at the above.

Yes that would be a jaw dropping 872 millibar!
I've reached out to the weather geeks and this is one of the possible scenarios - but even the most conservative forecasts anticipate that this is going to be a monster, with the consensus hovering around 950 hectopascal by Friday as it tracks down past Fiji.

My forecast from last week appears to hold.
But those cyclones are known to change track, and a direct hit would be simply devastating - so do keep your eyes glued to those charts! You will be able to observe the cyclone developing and then starting to track South in real time here - and here is the forecast for the Pacific Islands whereas the forecast for Fiji is here.
Expect serious stuff to start happening by Wednesday afternoon, this especially in the West and North, and to start dissipating by Saturday. When it comes to us down here, I'm anticipating periods of rather massive rain but comparatively moderate winds first from the North and then stronger from the NW.

Good luck!

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