Monday, September 01, 2014

Wild Tiger Shark in Micronesia!

Just got this from Timbo.
I had an interesting trip that went from Cenderawasih, West Papua, to Ulithi. We had an "interesting" tropical storm in Ulithi. 
My biologist friends from Guam were there, mostly snorkeling, looking for manta sites. Look what happened when they were snorkeling. The guy who shot this was the only guy with a big camera.

So much for Tigers being nothing but placid Buddhas.
And no, there was no bait in the water - you TB groupies and sharkxperts, take note!


dr said...

Lucky Guy!
Spend three weeks there in Feb/March, not
even one encounter. Even not around "Turtle Island" where they've been mostly spotted.


Angelo Villagomez said...

The tigers are active in Micronesia today. A friend just saw one on Saipan this weekend -- only the second time I've heard of someone seeing a tiger there.

Wolfgang Leander said...

That video doen't change my conviction that tiger sharks are not dangerous per se at all. This was a very typical approach of a tiger shark, not intent on "attacking" the videographer; perhaps the shark was just warning the diver to leave the territory.