Sunday, September 28, 2014

Vaquita - last Call!

It's nearly over.

The reason - accidental entanglement in gill nets of poachers targeting the Totoaba, once again an expensive and totally useless Chinese "delicacy".
Article here.

And the SSCS, defender of Cetaceans?
Nowhere in sight but instead, wasting time and money on non-conservation issues - which begs the question, what does that "C" really stand for? Anyway, you may want to remember that when they once again ask for your money.

And you Whale huggers in the USA?
This is happening on your watch, just south of the border.
Maybe you want to get off your slacktivist arses and do some guarding there and not in Japan!  

Fucking PRIORITIES anybody?


Obey The Watson said...

Problem is the Vaquita sounds like a Taquita, which happens to be Paul Watson's favorite oven ready midnight snack - how else do you think he keeps that impressive fat hulk of his beefy?

Oh, and there are no Japanese villages in Mexico.

Thus the Taquita will go extinct, but not seconds before "Operation Relentless Narcissist" races down to Mexico to document the slaughter of the last one.

You know, for conservation.

Maybe they will put Julie Anderson in charge, perhaps with Elissa Sursara as second mate. Stranger things have happened.

DaShark said...

What really, really riles me here are the rivers of ink, tears and money that the Whale huggers have heaped on all those other "issues" from Taiji to Blackfish whilst totally disregarding this tragedy in their very own back yard.

This is happening on their watch - and their glaringly obvious collective indifference is just simply appalling.

Anonymous said...

Taquita = sunburn = no money

You know Vegans don't like the sun, they're like vampires.

dr said...

You can possibly only manipulate the way this self-publicizing, narcissistic media who... are
thinking by shiting right into there frontyard. Which means, reposting on there regular posts like
"What about Vaquitas?"

After some time of trolling, there is a VERY SMALL chance that they start
digging into this.

But as I said, its just a very small chance. More likely they are writing back something like this:
"It's called Fajitas dumbass and here is a picture of me eating one *smile*, Om Nom Nom Nom, *smile*"